Due to confidentiality, no names or initials have been used for the following patient comments.

• "What I liked most about my experience is how Dr. Kazim took her time to answer all my questions about my procedure. She really put me at ease and the results were fantastic. I couldn’t be happier!"

• "My experience with Dr. Kazim at the Bonita Health Center was very positive. Dr. Kazim has a gracious manner that made me feel like a personal friend. She carefully explained all aspects of the eyelid surgery, answering all questions. Dr. Kazim was attentive to all details of my eye health. She made certain that I understood the procedure and the expected results."

• "The Bonita facility is exceptional. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable."

• "My eyelid surgery healed cleanly with minimum pain. Dr. Kazim was able to correct the uneven sag of my lids so that now my eyes are equally open. My results were better than I had hoped for!"

• "I appreciated the personal attention I received from Dr. Kazim."

• "Dr. Kazim was very communicative and had excellent technical skills. My experience was pleasant and I had a great result. I would definitely recommend this doctor."

• "Dr. Kazim was extremely thorough and took her time to explain the entire procedure and after care. I have already recommended her services."

• "I appreciated the professionalism I received from the surgeon."

• "I can't say enough about what a wonderful doctor Dr. Kazim is. She is very kind and considerate of her patients. She is easy to talk with and was informative about my problem. I am very confident that she gave me the best of care."

• "There is no need for improvement! The doctor was very professional, informative and courteous. My experience was wonderful and I appreciated the excellent care I received."

• "The office staff was very professional and accommodating. They were a pleasure to deal with. Dr. Kazim explained my problem and was able to answer my questions which made me feel very comfortable."

• "I liked everything about the office and staff. Keep up the good work!"

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